Are You Getting The Most from Your Database

Are you getting the most from your database?

You probably already have at least one database, whether on standalone PCs or a network. Or perhaps you haven’t created a database yet, but know that doing so will bring some benefits to your business.

From our experience, most organisations are not currently getting the most from their databases.

But some companies are doing just that. For example, a service organisation uses a Desktop Logic database to manage its workload and organise its engineers. They have almost halved their call-to-fix times since installing the system.

Another example is a business networking organisation that uses our contact management software to keep in touch with actual and prospective clients. Their chief executive says, “Desktop Logic’s database has saved us so much time and money; it’s incredible.”

So you could have a database that helps you keep in contact with customers and prospective customers, that helps you implement superb marketing strategies, that saves you time, and that links functions together, such as order processing and invoicing.

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