I Do Not have A Database Yet

I do not have a database yet

First, here is our most important piece of advice: don’t panic!

We say that because it is perhaps better not to have created a database yet than created one that is unwieldy, doesn’t do what it should do or contains screen after screen of inappropriate information.

So you’re in a good position, believe it or not.

OK, now let’s look at how you can get a database up and running.

The easiest and most obvious solution for most businesses will be to create a database using Microsoft Access. Why? Because most people have already paid for it (or can buy it off the shelf), because it’s easy to use and because there is plenty of information available to help you get the most from it.

What you might not know about Access is that it is much more flexible and has much greater functionality than most people give it credit for. If you are aware of its capabilities from the start you can really get it to do amazing things for you.

But here’s a warning! Despite its easy-to-use qualities, it is possible to create an Access database that doesn’t really save you much time or create new opportunities for you.

Too many companies have set up Access, started using it, and found six months later that it’s not right and that they need to start again.

Our solution? A simple process where we visit you and listen to you explain what you want from your database. Our advice then leaves you with Access producing the most powerful results possible and set up in a way that suits you.

If you have several PCs with Access installed on just one of them, we can enable it to run on every machine in your network. And even if you don’t have Access at all, we can write a database without it that is just as functional.

The chances are that we can create a database that does what you need, is easy to maintain and use, and can be adapted in the future as your business changes and grows.

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