I Want To get More From My Existing database

I want to get more from my existing database

From our experience, you’re not alone! We have seen many organisations with potentially useful data on their database, but with little real value being added by the system.

A good way to start understanding what improvements are needed is to think about what opportunities you are currently missing out on. Here are some things clients have told us in the past:

  • We are not contacting clients and prospects as often as we’d like – automatic reminder messages would be a big help.
  • We have databases that hold similar data but don’t link together.
  • We don’t use our database content to generate documents so we are forever inputting information that we already hold, for example typing up each invoice from scratch.
  • We want to manage our cash flow better, by being able to see at a glance who owes us money and when it’s due.
  • We want to forecast sales and use simple financial models to understand the effect that various sales results will have.
  • “We know our turnover but it takes ages to calculate our profit. We need to know the profit on each sale and for each week and month.

Now let’s look at the three main ways you could get more from your existing database with our help.

You could make changes to your current database. For example, we can modify the way an Access database works, and link different databases together if that is part of the solution.

Alternatively, you could move your current data into a new database. Our help with this means starting again need not necessarily be a huge exercise.

And you could get the right skills if your database is already what you need. After our one-to-one database training, more help is just a phone call away if you get into difficulty.

The first step to developing a solution for you would be a consultation where you tell us what your database currently does, and what you would like it to do. Then we can advise you on whether your database can be modified, or whether the data should be moved to a new database.

For more information, and to discuss any issues and arrange an efficency evaluation of your existing systems call us on 0845 456 8765 or use the contact form…